Some Important Features of the Revamped Google Image Search

Google has recently revamped its Image search results and overall it looks good. As with the previous Google image search results, the images does not have any text or URL beneath it. Instead it shows a popped image when you hover your mouse over the image and it also shows the image name and URL.

As with the old version, the image results does not have pagination, instead it displays pages vertically and you just need to move the vertical scroll bar downwards to move along different pages. If you click on the image you would be taken to a different page which shows the image in its original size and the original web page of the image in the background. There is also a left side bar showing the website detail for the image with the file size and type.

Google has so far rolled out this new image search feature to 80% of its users and it would be rolled out completely in the coming days. The new feature seems to have made it easier to search for images along with an excellent user experience.

Google has mentioned about the advantage of the new image search in its latest blog post. I would like to share some of the advantages of the new Google image search.

1) Tiled Layout Design
The new tiled layout makes the image search results look more good and appealing and is designed in such a way that more images can be displayed at once.

2) Smooth Scrolling Between Pages
You can go from one page to another of an image search result by the use of the vertical scroll bar, unlike the old version where you had to click on the next page button to view the images on another page.

3) Larger Thumbnail Previews
The larger thumbnail previews are really good looking and is designed for modern browsers and high resolution screens.

4) Hoover Pane
Whenever you move your mouse over the images in the results page a hover pane appears with the image thumbnail and other image details, which makes it easier to know more about the image.

5) New Looking Landing Page
The new looking landing page of the image search results is another added feature with the image thumbnail on the foreground and the original page in the background. There is also a left side bar containing image details. If you click anywhere outside the thumbnail, you will be taken to the original page.

6) Page Navigation with Keyboards
The new image search page by Google makes the navigation through different pages much easier and faster with the help of Page Up and Page Down keyboard buttons.

7) Speed
The speed of the new Google image search page is another factor which makes it more attractive.

8) Increased User Experience
The new Google search result page is much more compelling and neat in design which gives a much better user experience when compared with the older version.

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