Introduction to Google Insights for Search – Video

Google Insights for Search is a powerful online marketing tool by Google and is your for various online marketing activities. The tool is sued to analyze data collected over millions of users from different data centers. It is used to effective analyze keywords and its trends based on the total number of searches done on Google over a certain time period. The data provided by Google Insights is updated once in a day and except for some some rare cases there may be some slight delays. The tool detects the highest peaks in search volume for a particular keywords and randomly shows a set of related news headlines.

Google Insights for Search is used for various online activities such as selecting the right advertising messages, examining the seasonality of the keywords, creating brand associations, find breaking keyword trends, comparing keywords, comparing competitors, enter new market areas and more.

This tool is in fact an advanced version of Google Trends and is more flexible and versatile. Both these tools use the same data but Google Insight is mainly aimed at  online advertisers and researchers. The search data for Google Insights is available from January 2004 and for certain search terms complete data may not be available.

I have got a nice video to share with you, which offers a visual demonstration on how to use Google insights effectively for your online marketing campaigns.

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