Useful Image Optimization Tips in SEO

Images are an integral part of a website and it enhances the user experience to a greater level. Images can also influence your search engine results and traffic as Images are stored in many of the major search engine databases. So a well optimized image has a fair better change of ranking higher in the image searches of major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

As a result Image optimization is taken much seriously for all the SEO campaigns and has proved to be much beneficial. This post points out 5 useful Image optimization tips to make sure that your website pages appear in the image searches of the major search engines.

1) Keyword Phrase in the File Name
Having the keyword phrase in the file name would benefit you a lot as far as Image optimization is considered. Sensible placing of keyword phrases in the image file name would give you additional benefits of your image being found in the search engine results for image searches. The file name should be short, but needs to describe what the image is about with clever keyword placement without spamming. So missing out the keyword phrase in your image file name would deprive you relevant traffic from image searches.

2) Keywords in the ALT tag
ALT Tags are the content which describes about the image textually and is mainly meant for users as well as search engine spiders. Including the keywords in the ALT Tags can improve traffic from image searches.

3) Keyword Rich Text Around the Image
It is always better to include keyword rich text or caption near the image as the content near the images are also taken into account during image searches. So having keyword rich caption for near your image would increase your image’s visibility in image searches.

4) Optimal Image Size
The size of the image plays a major role and  an image with bigger size would make a delayed browsing experience. As we know that Google gives some importance to page download speed for better search engine results, it is always a good idea to keep the image size under a  specific limit.

5) Making the Images folder Crawlable by the Search Engines
In some cases, the image folders of a website are blocked for the search engine spiders through robots.txt files. This should be removed and the search engine spiders should be granted permission to crawl them for better search engine results.


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