10 Tips for Getting Better Rankings for Your YouTube Videos

YouTube is one of the largest online video sharing site where we can views, share and upload videos. YouTube offers an easy interface which makes it much easier to upload videos on to the net within much less time. YouTube is currently one of the largest search engine where people search for videos and it potential in the online marketing scenario is huge.

A lot of business and organization tries YouTube for purposes such as brand building, traffic generation and lead generation. The user base of YouTube is huge and these large amount of users contains targeted audiences of a specific business organization. These days a lot of companies are trying to take advantages of the large number of YouTube users. The companies try hard to promote their product or services online with YouTube.

As with any other online marketing strategies, the YouTube videos must also be optimized enough to make them visible on search engine result pages. Few of the YouTube file attributes can be optimized in order to increase its search engine visibility for relevant search queries. Here I would like to list 10 of the major Video Search Engine Optimization ( VSEO ) tips for YouTube videos.

1) Relevant Title
The Title of the YouTube file should be optimized well in order to get better rankings. The title should be relevant, unique and it would be better if the Title contain the major keyword in it. It is also recommended to include the word “Video” in your title as people search for it on the search engines.

2) Description
It is better to creative an accurate, unique, relevant and keyword oriented description to your YouTube file to getting better ranking and click through rates.

3)Keyword Tags
The keyword tags should be populated with relevant keywords and should take care in avoiding excessive keyword stuffing.

4) Utilizing the Thumbnail
The thumbnails of your YouTube video can play a huge role in visitors viewing your file. If your Thumbnail is not relevant then chances are that you might loss out one a potential visitor.

5) Selecting the right category
Make sure that you submit your YouTube Video in the right category. Videos submitted in irrelevant categories may not get relevant traffic.

6)Enabling User Participation
Getting user reviews and comments on your YouTube video can enhance your search engine rankings.

7) Getting Quality backlinks
One thing I have noticed is that getting quality backlink for your Youtube files from relevant sites can enhance your search engine visibility. So it is better to get  backlinks from good and relevant sites.

8) Anchor Text Optimization
In the case of back links, if you are having some control over it then it is better to optimize the Anchor text with your major keywords. On the other hand if you are not in control of your back link, then you can atleast mail the webmaster of the other site to edit the anchor text as per your requirements.

9) Making use of other Social Media Sites
Getting traffic from other social media channels is one of the best option to increase the ranking of your YouTube file. Social Media sites are capable of generating huge traffic and it can increase the number of views, ratings and comments for your YouTube file. A YouTube file with a  large number of views and comments has a better chance of ranking higher in the search engines.

10) Increase the number of Subscribers
If you have a large number of subscribers for your YouTube files, then your videos will have higher chances of being viewed. This will automatically increase your search engine visibility.

I am pretty sure that there are certain other points that I have missed. If so, please feel free to comment.


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    Nice and useful points to get the search engine rankings for youtube. I have one doubt, how can i get more subscribers? I read in blog, but the answer is not satisfied for me.. can you please help me to get the new subscriber.. I am expecting your reply by mail or another post.. Thanks for your post..
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