Real Time Indexing by Google – Good News for Webmasters

Google is in the process of developing a system which helps web publishers to get their content indexed withing seconds of being published. This is yet another breakthrough by Google which is going really aggressive in enhancing its search features. Google hopes to bank on the PubSubHubbub (PuSH) real time syndication protocol for indexing the web.

The advantage of PuSH is that it works on an ATOM format and whenever a new content is published it is notified to a hub. This bub is generally informed to the subscribers of the website. The subscribers instruct the Hub that whenever a new content is published, deliver it to them. So the subscriber don’t need to check with the publisher every time to check for new content, rather they would be informed by the hub itself. In simple words, the publisher adds a new content on his website and tells the hub about the new content. Then it is the duty of the bub to deliver it across all the subscribers and that too in a few seconds.

Google should ask every publisher and website owners to implement this technology and declare which hub they are using for the notification of new content. Google would then subscribe to those PuSH feeds to get the newly published content. With the PuSH system in place, site would not need to wait for week to get their new content or pages visited by Google.

WordPress has also enabled the PubSubHubbub technology so that all the new blog post gets easily pinged and distributed to the subscribers.

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