Five Things That I like in the New Google Adsense Interface

As we all are aware of, Google has released its new Adsense interface in the last week. The new interface has more advantages than the previous version and is much easier to use. The new interface is sure to improve more and this means that we can expect some new advanced features in the coming months.

Personally I really love this new interface and the reasons are many. I have tried to compile a list of 5 things which I like with the new Google Adsense interface and would like to share with you.

1) User Friendly Interface
Unlike the old Adsense interface, the new Adsense interface has become more user friendly and more professional looking. The new looking interface makes it much more easier and interesting to play with your Adsense reports.

2) Easier Ads Editing Facility
In the older version it was little time consuming to change the properties of an Ad. But in the new version, this has been made much more easier with even lesser mouse clicks.

3) Easier New Ad Unit Creation
Creation of  a new Adsense Ad unit has also been more easy when compared with the older version. With the new version you can create a new Ad with very less time.

4) Enhanced Report Generation
The reports generated in the new version is really superb and it helps you in understanding much better about your Adsense statistics. The new interface has a professional looking report with graphs and other important information.

5) Improved Speed
The speed has really improved in the new version, which makes the navigation through the interface more smoother. The older version was really slow in displaying reports and other sections.


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