5 Digg Tools That I Cannot Live Without!!

Managing and tracking your Digg account and its activities manually is not an easy task, particularly if your are an active Digg and have a strong Digg profile. There are a large number of tools which helps to track and manage your Digg profile and I have also tried a lot of them. But there are 5 top Digg tools which I have found more useful and much easier to use.

1) Friend Statistics
FriendStatistics is an online tool which helps you to get an overall statistics of your Digg activities. It helps you to find out the list of your friends who has been Digging your submissions on a regular basis (last 10 submissions). It also helps you to find users who are not your friend, but Diggs your submission on a regular basis (last 10 submissions). The tool also gives the option to remove deadbeat friends from your list. Dead Beat friends are those who have not dugg any of your last 10 submissions. This tool is best considered for cleaning and maintaing your Digg account.

2) Biggboard Tool
The Biggboard tool is another exiting online Digg tool, which helps to track where your submitted content is going. It helps to know whether it is the the top 10 of a particular category, in top 10 of the hot section of a particular category or if your story is buried or not. It also displays the number of Diggs and comments that your submission has got.

3) Digg Alerter
This is a desktop tool which helps to keep track of your Digg submissions. It updates you every time whenever someone Digg your story and it is just easy to use. You can download this Digg tool from here.

4) Social Blade
Social Blade is another complex online tool to measure your Digg activities. It provides a lot of interesting data such as top users in Digg, top banned users in Digg etc. It also helps you to review your popular stories, the number of Digg it took to pop up, number of Diggs from friends, average Digg per hour etc.

5)  Digg This! Firefox browser button
Digg This! is another smart browser button from Firefox, which helps you know whether a page is submitted in Digg along with the number of Diggs. It also helps you to submit if it is not submitted in Digg yet. You can Download this tool from here.


  1. says

    Surprised Sub-Digger Plus didn’t make this list. I think it’s one of the best ways to stay on top of your friends submissions. Great list otherwise!
    Thanks for sharing

  2. George says

    Thanks Friend!! I have mentioned about sub-Digger plus in my earlier post..But I rarely use this tool due to some other reasons. So it didn’t make the list…

  3. says

    I am also using sub-diggerplus only. But thease lists are very useful to track all those things. Thanks George..

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