Something About Google Webmasters Tool

Google Webmasters Tool is an important tool which helps to diagnose and analyze your website. This tool is not a traffic analytics tool like Google Analytics, but provides other important figures and facts which can be interpreted for the better performance of the website. Google Webmasters tool helps in diagnosing the technical and SEO related issues of a website in an efficient manner. It has a lot of excellent features and new features are constantly being added.

You can login to a  Google Webmasters Tool (GWT) with your Google account user name and password.  After logging into the GWT tool, you can add your site into the dashboard of your tool. After that you have to verify the site by either placing a small piece of code on to the website or placing a particular file on to the root of the website. You should also submit the XML sitemap into GWT.

After the above tasks are done, GWT starts generating data and provide you with interesting and informative details such as Site configuration, Top search queries for your website, external and internal links to your website, subscriber stats, crawl errors, site performance etc. These information helps you to find out the shortcomings of your site and modify the website accordingly.

These are just brief about Google Webmasters Tools and would be blogged detailed in the near future.


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