Ghost Tweeting. Is it Good or Bad?

Ghost Tweeting is another topic that has been trending in the last few weeks. Ghost Tweeting is the process of multiple people tweeting on the same account. There are many power users who have admitted of using  Ghost Tweeting method to manage their Twitter profiles. Most of the account of power users are too popular and people expect a lot from them (both quality and quantity). So most of these high profile Twitter users hire someone to update their Twitter account.

There has been a lot of different opinions regarding Ghost tweeting. Some people do not see any issues with Ghost tweeting and are ready to accept it. On the other hand there are some, who are not able to digest the concept of ghost tweeting. As with all other practices, ghost tweeting also has its share of advantage and disadvantage.

In my personal opinion Ghost tweeting can be done based on the nature of the Twitter profile. Consider the Twitter profile of a major company, which has a large number of followers and is a Twitter power user. Its followers are waiting eagerly for its updates via tweets. In this case there is nothing harm in doing ghost tweeting by hiring few people for the purpose. Here the followers are expecting the updates of the company, its services, its products etc, and they are getting it through the company’s Twitter profile irrespective of who is sending out the Tweets.

But on the other hand, in my opinion doing ghost tweeting for a personal Twitter profile doesn’t sounds good. The followers of a particular Twitter profile is expecting interesting and informative Tweets from the user itself. But when they find out that this Twitter user is using ghost tweeting, they will feel betrayed somehow. There may be a lot of explanations and excuses for this, but ghost tweeting for a personal Twitter profile does not feel good. Apart from the quality and quantity of Tweets the followers are receiving, they would find it difficult to digest the Tweets when compared to the way they used to go through the tweets before.

Well this is just my humble opinion, as I am not a Twitter power user and my knowledge with Twitter is not that much high notched. There are many facts and aspects where ghost tweeting seems to be good as well as bad. If anyone has any more suggestions, feel free to comment here.

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