Always Keep Your Twitter Account Clean

Twitter has evolved as one of the most powerful social media tool and a lot of users are newly being registered with it. But many of them actually are not aware of the purpose and the effective way to use Twitter. For all the newbie in Twitter, I am listing here some basic things to take care for effectively managing your Twitter profile. These basic things will surely help you in the long run.

1) Create a relevant and attractive User name
Username is the main identity for your twitter profile and hence it should be relevant and more attractive. Once somebody finds you over Twitter, your profile name should remain in their minds for a long time. So name your profile name accordingly.

2) Fill up you bio
The bio section in your Twitter profile should be filled properly.  It should be small and should speak something about you.

3) Use a Desktop Client
Actually tweeting from the browser may feel little difficult for some. In that case it is advisable to use any of the best Twitter desktop clients available.

4) Create a nice and clean Twitter background
Create and upload a Twitter background, replacing the default one. This helps in making other tweeters to feel that you are somewhat serious about your Twitter profile.

5) Search and Follow related tweeters
Search for related Tweeters from the search options and follow (add) them. This helps you to get tweets only on topics that are related to your interests

6) Never follow blindly
You should never follow anyone blindly. Go through his bio, his tweets and his other conversations. Also avoid mass following, as you may have to follow a lot of bots and irrelevant tweeters.

7) Keep your self engaged.
Twitter is not a place for those who wish to sit idle. In order to stay afloat you need to be engaged. You can Tweet something interesting, convey messages with someone, reply to interesting tweets etc.

8 ) Appreciate and encourage your followers.
This is also a part of keeping yourself engaged. Always try to appreciate Tweeters who tweets interesting stuffs. This appreciation would turn out to be a great encouragement to those followers and you can also expect the same in return.

9) Control Your Tweets
As a part of being engaged, don’t be over aggressive in sending out your tweets. Don’t send all your tweets in a short time span. Give some reasonable time space between your tweets, otherwise your tweets may go unnoticed by your followers.

10) Don’t get addicted.
The last and ultimate one…please never get addicted to Twitter. This may deprive you of some great and valuable time with your dear and near ones. Everything has its limit, so please take your own time to spend some good time with your family, friends etc, other wise you might get isolated…

There are still other tips missing, but for now I hope these are enough for the Twitter beginners. Also don’t forget to follow me on Twitter.


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