Productive Ways to Get People to Read Your Content and Te-Tweet

It is a great honor as a blogger, when your content will re-tweet again over the time. The reason is that it will make your presence on the internet more pleasurable as well. Since, some productive ways have to be taken by you for re-tweeting the content. Actually, what happens is that, your positive attitude towards the content development will be more effective and you will able to produce the quality content as well. One thing is sure that your audiences are the prime broadcasters of your works. Therefore, you have to comply their expectations through your content.

It is a vital issue for you. The reason is that it will create a better atmosphere for your content. Actually, the quality of the content depends on the various factors like information, idea, Search Engine Optimisation ( SEO), platform and others. However, one thing has a similarity, which is that there should be coordination between these factors. Otherwise, it will never be a successful one. Actually, quality is the surveillance point of the performance. Therefore, the content should integrate all its features tightly as well. It is true that when quality shines, then the content will get its exposure more. It is observed that from ideation to completion, whole process of content development should maintain the quality and it should indicate its power in the market as well.

You should keep in your mind that the content should be informative. Otherwise, it will never able to attract the attention of the audiences. Honestly speaking, the blogger should toil hard for gathering the information for the content and make it possible as well. It is seen that when the content is filled with a lot of information, then the audiences increase the footfall on the website. In the content, the information should be added in such a way that the audiences can read it again and again without any doubts. Moreover, it is very much important for the blogger to provide the information in the simplest form. Therefore, the audiences can assimilate it easily. Another point you should ponder that the information should be authentic and genuine as well.

Friendly tone
One thing you should keep in your mind that your content should be in friendly tone. Otherwise, it will never attract the huge footfall in your website. For making the friendly tone in the content, you have to make the ideation process smoother first. After that, you content will begin to take the shape as well. You would able to make the friendly content when your idea is clear and transparent which is free from any doubt as well. Once you complete your ideation process, then you will able to complete it fully without any fuss. You should keep your sentence structuring and the conversational tone should be visible in the content.

SEO friendly
If the content is SEO friendly, then it will reach out to the audiences in the quick succession as well. The reason is that the black hat SEO will never create its credibility in the search engine. Therefore, the white hat SEO is suitable for the content, which will make it more SEO friendly. The blogger should keep in his or her mind that the patience is the key for the content development. In this regard, the blogger should never lose its focus as well. When the content is making, then you should keep your eyes open for the better placement of keyword, sentence structuring, web technology and other SEO related features.

There are many content platforms available in the world today. Nevertheless, you have to ascertain which platform will be used for your content. Therefore, the platform selection for the content will require the better understanding of the platform functions and its features also. Generally, it is observed that the content should be used in the popular platform, which ultimately gives the maximum exposure in the internet, and the audiences will like to taste its flavor as well.

You should feel that the content should have usability. If it has usability feature, then it will gracefully exist in the internet as well. It is the vital point you think about it for the betterment of the content as well. Actually, the audiences should get the benefits from it. It is seen that the content should maintain the usability feature throughout its lifespan, which means that it can stay longer in the internet.

Therefore, the people will read your content gracefully and they will re-tweet it as well.

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Alia is an internet marketer and writer. She loves writing about technology, traveling and property for cash. These days she is busy to write an article on play euromillions.

5 Google Adwords Automated Rules That Make Your Control Better Then Ever Before !!

The Automated rule features given by the “Google Adwords” let you make changes automatically in your account. With the help of it, we can change budget, keywords position, ad status. For example, if you want to pause your ads for a specific time when no one is searching for you, you can easily set this rule. Along with this you can also make yourself to get an email when the rule gets activated.

Let’s start !

1. Pause Poor Performing Keywords

There are some keywords which are not bringing traffic to your site and give a much bounce rate to you. Which not good for your conversion rate, quality score of keywords and it also decrease your Avg. position of ads. And I surely want to pause them if they are doing so in my accounts because I never compromise with the quality of traffic. It is very difficult to pause them one by one so you can do it by using automated rules.

a) Click on “Keyword” tab in your “Google Adwords” account.

b) Select the “Automate” tab a drop down menu will come.

c) Click on “Pause keywords when”.

d) Now click on “Apply to” box and select “All enabled keywords in all campaigns” in drop down options.

e) Set your requirement according to your goal. Let’s say I want to stop those keywords with quality score less than or equal to 5. Which is according to me is not good at all for my campaigns health.

f) Next, set your frequency when you want to run your rule it may for Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or just One Time. In same way you can choose any hour of the day. In same manner you can choose the usage of data for you same rule you can choose any time which you think is most relevant. I usually select “Last 60 day” data.

g) Click “Save”. Its Done !

2. Keywords Bid Adjustment On The Bases Of CPC(Cost Per Conversion)

Although you can increase bid for your keywords to come on first page which give you conversion on a awesome “CPC” and maintain your ROI (return on investment). Same you can do for keywords which are converting your T.A(Target Audience) and charging your huge amount to get traffic on your site. Let’s understand, this by taking an example you can set a monthly rule to rise the bid by 25% for those keywords which are bringing 300 conversion for your site on a CPC(Cost Per Conversion) less than Rs.50 which are triggering your ads on position worse than 4 on search engine(Google). Similarly, you can decrease the bid by 10% in a monthly rule for keywords which converting people on your site on a CPC(Cost Per Conversion) more than Rs.100. Now let see how to create rules step by step as under :-

a) Click “All online campaigns” in your AdWords account on left side on of the panel.

b) Click on the 5th tab on your panel called “Keywords” tab.

c) Click on “Automate” button, and after that select the “Change max CPC bids when…” from the given drop-down menu.

d) Now a popup will appear and In the “Apply to” section, you have to choose “All but removed keywords in all campaigns”.

e) In “Automatic action” either choose Increase bid for Rule 1 (to boost CPC bids for effective keywords in your account) or Decrease bid for Rule 2 (to lower CPC bids for poorly performing keywords in your account).

f) Choose “Max bid” which you are will to pay for your rule. Here Maximum bid is 150.

g)When raising the bids, set the requirements for Cost / conv (1-per-click) < Rs.50 , Conversions (1-per-click) >=300, and Avg position worse than 4. When lowering bids, set the Cost / conv (1-per-click) > Rs.100, and Conversions (1-per-click) >=300.

h) In the “Frequency” section, choose “Monthly” using data from the Last 14 Days.
Give a “Name” and click on “Save” its done!

3. Do Ads Scheduling In Your Account In Better Way!

Scheduling Ads always work for me when I have to run ads on “weekends” or in “late night” when I am sleeping. Let’s understand, this with the help of example, let’s say, you have to run promotional ads for your new products say, “iphone 6” on weekends. So, first create some ads in advance for “iphone 6” and pause them. And now create two rules, one is saying to enable the ads starts with “iphone 6” at 1,March(weekend) at 7AM in morning. Second, is saying pause the ads at the end of weekend 5,March at 10 PM.

a) Click “All online campaigns” in your AdWords account on left side on of the panel, after that click the Ads tab.

b) Click on “Automate” button, and after that select the “Enable ads when…” (for rule 1) or “Pause ads when…” (for rule 2) from the drop-down menu.

c) Now a popup will appear and In the “Apply to” section, you have to choose “All but removed ads in all campaigns” in your Adwords account.

d) Choose Ad text, and the option contains “iphone 6” in the “Requirements” section.

e) Choose One-time and select March 1 at 7 AM(rule 1) or March 5 at 10 PM (rule 2) In the “Frequency” section.

4. Get Your Average Positions For Your Ads in Google Adwords

Sometime, advertiser want that they just want to assure 3-6 position or in first top two positions on search network(Google). You can get this done by making some awesome rules by using Automate option in Google Adwords account. Let’s take an example as I usually do to make yourself easy to understand this. Let’s say you want to be between or on 3-6 position on search network for each query related to your business. For this you have to make two rules called “Change max. CPC bid” rule. The 1st Rule decrease the bid for your keywords when average position goes up to level 3 and 2nd Rule increase the bid for your keywords when the average position goes down to level 5. For this I am going to take “max bid” of Rs.60

Implementation Steps For Both Rules(1st and 2nd) :

a) Click “All online campaigns” in your AdWords account on left side on of the panel, after that click the Ads tab.

b) Click on the “Keyword” tab(5th tab from “Campaigns” tab).

c) Click on “Automate” button, and after that select the “Change max. CPC bids when…” from the drop-down menu.

d) Now a popup will appear and In the “Apply to” section, you have to choose “All but removed keywords in all campaigns” in your Adwords account.

e) In “Automatic action” either choose Increase by 20% (to boost CPC bids for effective keywords in your account for Rule 1) or Decrease bid by 15% (to lower CPC bids for poorly performing keywords in your account for Rule 2).

f) Choose average position worse than 6(Rule 1) and better than 3(Rule 2) in the “Requirements” section.

g) Choose “Daily” and time say 7 AM(you can choose according to your need) along with the usage of data from the “Previous day” in the “Frequency” section.

h) Click “save” bigo you done it!

5. Budget Scheduling

The most widely used rule in Automated rules of “Google Adwords” are to Decrease or increase the campaigns budget values based on how much conversion you are getting in which day of week. For example, If know that on Saturday and Sunday your Google Ads brings the maximum conversions for your business, you can set a rule using “Automate” Option in “Google Adwords”. Which increase your daily budget of your campaigns on Saturday morning and decrease your daily budget to its normal value on sunday night.The first rule(Rule 1) would increase your daily budget by 70% (Say) and the second rule(Rule2) would decrease the daily budget by 30%,which bring it to the original value(Rs 4000 increased by 70% is Rs 6800, Rs 6800 decrease by 58.82% is Rs 4000 again).

Implementation Steps For Both Rules(1st and 2nd)

a) Click “All online campaigns” in your AdWords account on left side on of the panel.

b) Click on “Automate” button, and after that select the “Change daily budget when…” from the drop-down menu.

c) Now a popup will appear and In the “Apply to” section, you have to choose “All but removed campaigns” in your adwords account.

d) In “Automatic action” either choose Increase Daily Budget by 70% (Rule 1) or Decrease bid by 58.82% (Rule 2).
Choose “Weekly” Day of week “Saturday” and time say 7 AM(you can choose according to your need) along with the usage of data from the “Last Week” for Rule 1 in the “Frequency” section. For Rule 2 choose “Weekly”, Day of week “Sunday” and time say 10 PM(you can choose according to your need) along with the usage of data from the “Last Week” in the frequency section.

e) Click “Save” bigo you done it!

Manual and Algorithmic Google Penalties : How to Avoid and Get Out of it

Seeing our website penalized on a particular day is one of the ugliest nightmares that can happen to an SEO professional. Usually, if you respect the guidelines that Google provides to all webmasters your website is safe from this risk, but sometimes, despite the best intentions; you end up receiving a penalty and is in danger of losing your month long hard work done on the website. Even just a small error or mistake on your website can make it at risk of being penalized.

googlePanda and Penguin are the two “black beasts” of SEO for some years now and both have made many “SEO victims” in an attempt to clean up the SERP from spam and low quality content. Besides them, there is always the risk of being saddled with some manual penalty by a quality rater or individuals carrying on the task of scanning the SERP looking for sites that do not deserve to be where they’re positioned.

There are two search engine penalties that may incur and they are the manual and the other algorithmic penalties.

Manual Penalties
This is the easiest type of penalty to be identified because this is the only one for which Google inform us anything. Just login to the Search Console and go to the Search Traffic section and from there click on “Manual Actions” to find whether any penalties are imposed by any of the quality raters.

The manual penalties are usually quite easy to fix, as it is explained, sometimes even in details, the cause and simply doing a search on the net, or using common sense, you can do all the necessary measures.

Once you have made the necessary changes on your website to fix the manual penalty, you will need to send Google a request for reconsideration, the evaluation of which usually takes a few days, after which we will know if we did things right or not. There will be two cases after we request for reconsideration from Google. In the first case, the penalty will be removed, in a few days’ time, we will get back placements (and the traffic) as before the penalty. And in the second case we will still be in jeopardy, hopefully there will be other instructions given, but in any case we will have to finish the work.

Algorithmic Penalties
Algorithmic Penalties are those that are directly assigned by the Google algorithm, which is why you will not get any warning from Webmaster Tools and you have to try to figure out on your own, or with the help of an expert, the possible cause, to try to remedy it.

Google Panda Penalization
Panda is the Google algorithm which considers the quality of the content and aims to penalize sites that have low-quality texts and those that are not useful to users.

As per Google Panda, there are a lot of factors that contribute towards penalization and some of them are:

a) Content they have too short texts, which do not bring any good to the users;
b) Texts with copied content;
c) Content located within sites built only for publicity purposes;
d) Websites that give priority to the advertising rather than the content;
e) Texts with many errors;
f) Content with many errors.

When a user comes across a website with low-quality content, he or she tends to quickly get out of the website, resulting in a very high bounce rate. If the bounce rate value is high for the entire website, somewhere near close to 100%, it could be a clear indication that something is wrong.

The same can be said of the duration of the visit, other metric from which one can infer the usefulness of content. Bearing in mind that the longer user visit duration are usually the results of quality and useful texts. If a site has some very low values for the duration of the visits, in addition to a high bounce rate, along with very short texts, a high number of advertisements rather than content, we are prone to a series of signals that could trigger the penalization from Panda.

Panda assess the quality of content by consideration certain keywords or key phrase. Even though, today it is outdated to talk about keyword density, we must not exaggerate and must avoid unnatural keyword repetition for the sake of optimizing the page for a particular keyword. Such an action can result in a downgrade from over optimization.

Google Penguin Penalization
Google Penguin is the algorithm that evaluates the quality of the link and in general, the overall SEO work done on the website. Receiving too many inbound links from sites that are classified as “spam” by Google, or only having backlinks with exact anchor key, are clear signals that trigger a downgrade from Google Penguin.
As per Google Penguin algorithm we can say that:

a) Google does not like unnatural links
b) Google does not like links that are created artificially for the sole purpose of biasing the visibility of a website on the search engine
c) Google does not like link exchange
d) Google does not like purchased links
e) Google does not like sites that receive a large number of links from poor quality sites.

How to get out of a downgrade of Google Panda

How to get out of a downgrade of is one of the most tough penalties to get out from and sometimes you prefer to abandon the website rather than work to try to get out from the situation.
In general, if you suspect of being caught by a penalty by Panda, you can follow these guidelines:

a) Review the excessively short texts , those who do not give a real benefit to the user;
b) Delete duplicate texts or copied;
c) Improve the texts that can still has room for improvement
d) Check outgoing links from the web site, which may point to low quality sites.

In addition, you must necessarily continue writing more and better texts.

Exiting from a Google Penguin penalty
Because Penguin looks at the quality of links that you receive, you have to try to figure out which ones could have created the problems. The first thing to do is a complete analysis of inbound links and this can be done through Google Webmaster Tools or other special tools like Ahrefs or WebCEO , which help you find the link called “toxic.” Consider that it is still done by tools, and may provide some false information. In order to avoid this the analysis of each link received must be done manually.

After identifying the the incoming links that you think needs to be removed, you must try to act . If you have control of those links, then you can safely remove them, but if you do not have such control, you must get in touch with the webmaster of the site calling for the removal of the link.

If you are not able to contact the webmaster of the linked site due to the lack of a contact form, or simply you do not receive response from the webmaster, then you can use the disavow tool from Google Webmaster tools. By using this tool, you are basically telling Google that you do not want him to consider those links that you consider to be toxic. Always use this tool carefully and with discretion, because if by anychance you disavow a valid link, you may aggravate the situation rather than improve it.

From my experience, I can say that you can get out of a Google penalty, be it manual or algorithmic. At the same time it is ‘important, however, to know where to look, especially if the penalty is of the second type, otherwise you will be risking with your website. Consistency is crucial to get the better of a penalty, as well as a lot of patience, since you cannot always get rid of a burden like that too fast, and hence the process is not that much easy.

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Landing page is one of the most important ingredients of any online advertising or marketing campaigns. A well designed and developed landing page can make sure that you meet success with your online marketing campaigns. In the current trend of online advertising, marketing, SEO, email marketing and other online promotional activities, you need to have a great and amazing landing page to stay ahead in the marketing. Without a decent landing page, your online marketing activities are bound to fail, irrespective of the amount you are spending on it. These days advertising agencies are investing a lot on their landing page design and functionalities to get the most out of the online marketing activities.

Here are some important points or features of an ideal landing page that I have gathered from my experience so far. There are a lot of features missing from the list and I have just picked up the most generic and important ones that can be shared. So if you are into online marketing and looking for ways to improve your leads and enquiries, the first thing that you need to do is to improve your landing page and its user experience.

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