Top 9 Organic Traffic Metrics to Monitor

As we all know, organic traffic is an important factor in search engine optimization and it is nothing but the traffic coming to a website from different search engines as a result of various search queries. Organic traffic is considered important by search engine optimization (SEO) specialists, as it indicates the extent to which the SEO activities are attaining the desired success rates. If a website is getting less organic traffic even after months of SEO activities, then it is high time that the SEO activities needs to be revised or revamped.

Here are some of the major organic traffic metrics that an SEO has to monitor so as to measure the accuracy or success of his SEO activities. Hope that it can be useful for the SEOs in their long-term online marketing activities.

1) Organic Traffic Count
The amount of organic traffic coming to your website is a clear indication of how well your SEO activities are working. If the amount of organic traffic is increasing on a regular basis, then you can make sure that your SEO efforts have started showing off and your activities are in the right direction. On the other hand, if the organic traffic count is diminishing daily, then you surely need to re-think and re-work on your current SEO strategies.

2) Organic Traffic Bounce Rate
Bounce really depicts the extent to which the users are engaging on your website once they land. The organic traffic bounce rate provides an idea about how well the organic traffic visitors on your website are engaging on your website or how engaging your website is. If the organic traffic bounce rate falls in a healthy range, then you can make sure that your SEO activities are driving the most relevant

3) Time Spent for Organic Traffic
Apart from the amount of the organic traffic coming to a website, another factor that is considered as an important metric is the amount of time spent on the website. If the visitors come from the organic traffic spends some good amount of time on your website, then you can make sure that you have driven the best traffic and your content on the website is what the visitors are looking for. On the other hand, if the time spent by the visitors coming from the organic traffic is low, then you need to think seriously about adjusting your website layout, content or other features.

4) Conversion Rate for Organic Traffic
The motive behind driving any type of traffic to the website is to make it convert, either through an inquiry, payment, document downloads or similar activities. There is no point in driving any type of traffic that does not convert. So if your organic traffic is making a conversion, there is nothing better news for you and that is why the conversion rate of organic traffic is considered as an important organic traffic metric that needs to be monitored.

5) Top Organic Landing Pages
You should always keep an eye on the top organic landing pages on your website. You can get the details by drilling down into your Google Analytics report. There might be some landing pages that receive the most organic traffic due to your SEO activities. This should be monitored and analyzed to see what makes it the top organic landing page. You can take some of the benefits of that pages and apply them to the other pages to improve the organic traffic further.

6) Top Organic Exit Pages
There will be certain landing pages through which an organic visitor exists after coming to the website. If you notice a pattern where a certain set of pages have the most exit rates, then it will be an alarming signal for you. You need to identify and see why the visitors are exiting the pages on a consistent basis. The number of exists of a particular page is also an important metric that determines the quality of the organic traffic that your drive as well as the quality of the web pages that you have.

7) Top Organic Keywords
The organic keywords are another important metrics that define the quality of the organic traffic entering your website. If your top organic keywords driving traffic to the website are relevant enough, then you can indeed assume that your SEO activities are going in the right direction. If the top organic keywords are not something that you have really expected, then it is time to re-work on your SEO activities.

8) Top Organic Traffic Geo Location
Most of the time you would expect to get more traffic from a particular geo-location based on your business interests. You should always keep an eye on the geo locations from where you are getting the most organic traffic and this can help you decide whether your SEO activities are successful in the targeted geo locations.

9) Devices Driving Organic Traffic
In the early years, all the website traffic came from desktop and gradually with the emergence of smartphones and other similar gadgets, the organic traffic started coming from different devices. If you see that a particular device is driving most of your organic traffic, then you should take steps to improve that further. On the other hand, if the organic traffic coming from a particular device is very much low, then you need to take steps to increase the traffic from that particular device.

All the above metrics are not the complete list and there are still many other organic traffic metrics that we need to consider based on different industry or business types. But still, the above metrics are enough for an SEO professional to cross check on a daily basis and see whether his search engine optimization campaigns are driving the desired results or are attaining the goals.

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