Best Examples Of User-Generated Content Marketing Campaigns

It is basic human nature to form communities around work, common interests, and passions. Social media platforms have just transformed this community formation into a virtual one and eased up the whole process.

Sharing user-generated content often aids the formation of these communities by influencing the way we connect with one another through shared stories and experiences.

Hosting UGC campaigns to display earned media for your brand to your audience is a great way to leverage the ongoing trends for your brand promotion. The cost-effectiveness and marketing potential of UGC campaigns can be a great addition to the promotional efforts of your brand.

This article presents you with examples of brands which successfully employed UGC campaigns for their marketing purposes and were able to boost audience engagement by great scales.

User Generated Content Marketing

User Generated Content Marketing

Come, let’s have a look.

1.  SouthStar Communities
Building Trust By Displaying User Experience On Website’s Homescreen

SouthStar Communities, a real-estate development Company, portrays happy users and their experiences by displaying their social media posts.

What it did was, it embedded a social media hub on the home screen of its official website which displayed photos of actual users and customers of their real-estate projects fetched from their social media profiles, and thus displays social proof of the quality of their projects.

This build users’ trust in the Company, gave it wide social acceptance and helped to spread the awareness about the Company and its projects. User engagement was significantly boosted. Website’s performance hiked to new levels.

2. Pedigree Australia- Dog Selfie Campaign

Pedigree Australia’s Dog Selfie campaign aimed at spreading awareness about the importance of maintaining a clean and hygienic mouth for dogs.

In order to spread this cause, the brand encouraged the dog owners themselves to post selfies with their dogs using the hashtag #HollywoodSelfie on social media.

The campaign attracted immense positive response and dog owners overwhelmingly posted selfies with their dogs using the dedicated hashtag. The campaign was fueled to great success with the earned media inspired an emotional connection was ignited with the campaign.

3. SMW Dubai-

Social Media Week, a leading news platform and worldwide event that focuses on the impact of social media. An important source to understand the basics of human connectivity and social media.

During one of its events/conferences in Dubai, SMW actually displayed user-generated social media content to boost audience engagement and interaction with event happenings. Attendees and non-attendees could share their feedback, opinion, join in a conversation and be a more integrated part of the whole event.

User-generated content produced during the event conversation also helped in spreading awareness about the event and hence, widen the radius of word of mouth marketing. Thus, given the heightened level of user engagement and event ROI, it was declared a great success.

4. Pride Social Wall By Facebook

Facebook has always been a forerunner when it comes to social causes. On the eve of Gay Pride Week, the team at Facebook Israel came forward and showed its support to the cause by displaying user-generated content to the audience and visitors of the events via a social wall, called The Pride Wall.

User-generated content from Instagram like live updates, posts, images, videos, etc. was being displayed which initiated a buzz around the cause, thus attracting immense contribution from those who were supporting the cause. Social Media was flooded with related posts and the cause got immense support from everyone.

5. Sunburn Music Festival

The popular Sunburn Music Festival has turned into a tremendous attraction point for youth-centric brands and crowd. The event organizers decided to further enhance the enthusiasm of its young demographic crowd by displaying their social media post around the events to a wider crowd out there.

The excited and lively crowd jumped on to the opportunity and flooded the social media with user-generated images, videos, tweets, and posts which were later displayed on the social wall to the attendees of the event during the event. This hyped the popularity of the event not just at the venue but also on the social media platforms. The event ROI was increased by multifold.

Key Takeaways

Launching UGC campaigns to boost your brand image and spread awareness about it is a really great and a strategic marketing decision to take. It is not only cost and time efficient but also an amazingly interesting way to make your users interact with your brand.

Do you know of any other such user generated content marketing campaign that delivered wonderful results to the brands running those?

Feel free to drop your opinions in the comment section below.

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